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'68: Homefront #4

Dec 3, 2014

While many representations lean toward a more stumbling, dead style of Zombie, here we can see a true hunger for flesh captured in the artwork. They are relentless. More in control then their human counterparts. And horrifically captivating.

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Action Comics (2016) #965

Oct 21, 2016

The whole package is readable and raises questions that are the foundation for a good story but it's less than thrilling and that's a shame because this is the best Lois has been since the relaunch.

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Atomic Robo #3

Oct 21, 2016

I really tried to like this, I thought it would be good, but scenes shift so fast I could sue IDW for whiplash, characters do some incredibly stupid shit that made me wonder if the writer has trouble tying his shoes and the whole thing is depressingly disappointing.

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Captain America: Steve Rogers #1

May 28, 2016

Comedy is Spencer's strong suit and he has fun reminding us of old, best forgotten storylines and his characters are in on the joke, which makes it more amusing. Jesus Saiz' art pops off the page in his strongest effort to date. Cap moves fluidly through the action sequences and Zemo looks particularly menacing with a new hood looking more like his father's.

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Charmed: Season 10 #1

Oct 2, 2014

Long and short, if you're a fan of the show, the comic book surely won't disappoint! Great action, growing story, same sarcasm!

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Doctor Fate #17

Nov 2, 2016

It might not be fair to compare this to Doctor Strange, but this could have been the ideal antithesis of that comic. Strange is all about the experienced sorcerer supreme this could have been the noob facing all the wonders of magic, instead it just feels like a slightly selfish little whiner who doesn't really want the job.

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Elephantmen #72

Aug 12, 2016

The bits that aren't tripping balls are beautiful and take me some way into the atmosphere of my all time favourite film Bladerunner. The characters haunt the pages and I really wanted to follow them home to see what they would do next.

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Flash: Rebirth (2016) #1

Jun 10, 2016

It stood on its on next to the TV series, but had enough for a new reader to recognize the basic back story, the cosmic bits will lose people a bit but the as a one shot it did its job better than some others I won't mention *cough* SUPERMAN*cough*.

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Go West #1

Nov 23, 2016

The theme of the old west is captured perfectly. The art really compliments the story and vice versa. These guys make a great team and based on the dialogue and theme I believe there is quite a tale that is being spun that I hope will be ongoing!

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Hawkeye (2016) #5

Apr 11, 2017

You may argue I'm biased, but I would counter that with there's a reason I'm biased, the comic is good. You may argue that I'm an “SJW” and only like it because it pander to my liberal sensibilities, but that's not true, it's just a good comic.

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Sixpack & Dogwelder: Hard-Travelin' Heroz #6

Feb 1, 2017

But, scale and accents aside if you enjoyed this in the nineties you'll enjoy it now.

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Squadron Supreme (2015) #11

Sep 13, 2016

It's got an intriguing ending but on the whole if you like the SS you could do worse than this.

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The Mice Templar IV: Legend #14

Oct 16, 2014

All in all, I am impressed at The Mice Templar. It's a unique idea in an industry cluttered with mediocre art and sub-par writing.

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