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Doctor Who: Ghost Stories #1

Apr 3, 2017

Overall, the storyline didnt take me where I thought it might go, but thats whats great about Doctor Who; Does anyone ever really know what to expect from a Timelord? Rhetorical question. Of course not. If youre a Doctor Who fan, its a must-buy. If youre not, it might not hold the same nostalgic significance it holds for others.

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Doctor Who: Ghost Stories #2

May 3, 2017

I was really looking forward to this series, but Im more interested in the original storyline from the television show than the one here. In the show, whats most intriguing about this character The Ghost is the double life he leads and the romance. It had a Clark Kent and Lois Lane-type of vibe that worked. However, this new series lacks both the mystery and the romance that the series did so well with.

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Harley's Little Black Book #6

Mar 29, 2017

Overall, I have to admit this started out being my least favorite issue, being unfamiliar with the artist may have played a part in this conclusion, but as most things often do, it grew on me. Im able to appreciate the Nickelodeon of the 90s-style nostalgia and I can see long time DC fans appreciating Lobos appearance as well. I wouldnt mind seeing him again, as long as we can see more of Harley and Lobos hilarious adventures, and their oddly romantic connection.

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Orphan Black: Deviations #1

Mar 28, 2017

Overall, as a fan of the original Orphan Black series, Im left wanting to read more. Although one might be able to feel where the story will go if theyre caught up on the television series, its still intriguing to see how everything will play out with the assistance of Beth and Mika from the start. This is only supposed to be a set six-issue miniseries, but one can hope if it goes well we might see more.

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Penny Dreadful #2

May 3, 2017

Its revealed that the goal is to use Belial as a vessel for the devil himself. Then the story seems to change its mind and reveals that Vanessa Ives corpse will be brought back to life and used as the vessel to the devil. Now this is far more interesting, and because it will make the plot interesting, we can predict this will in fact take place. Despite being predictable, it still makes for a very intriguing storyline because we have no idea how this story will play out. How will Ethan handle seeing his love being brought back to life as the devil itself?

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Penny Dreadful: The Awakening #1

Apr 4, 2017

Fans will be grateful to live in this well-crafted world again thanks to these three artists and their unique hand in this piece. Its set to be a four-part miniseries but Im hoping that this wont be the end of this trio.

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