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Batgirl (2016) #12

Jun 28, 2017

It was a mediocre issue and I was kind of disappointed. I have enjoyed this series so far, and this issue wasn't awful, but it wasn't as good as previous entries.

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Batgirl (2016) #13

Jul 26, 2017

This issue was an improvement over the last installment, even if it skewed a little cutesy. This series is designed to attract a younger audience, but it has lots of good moments. I am looking forward to see the team up with Nightwing.

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Batgirl (2016) Annual #1

Jun 22, 2017

As far as annuals go, this was a pretty good one. It had a story that actually furthered the plot of a main story and it also had a nice backup that had good character moments for Babs and Alysia.

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Charmed (2017) #5

Jul 27, 2017

This issue was great and I think any fan of Charmed would enjoy it. You might drive yourself crazy trying to figure out where it fits into continuity, but if you don't think too hard about that, it's a fun ride.

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Supergirl (2016) #9

Jun 21, 2017

The writing is good and entertaining, but the art brings the rating down. If you are a Supergirl fan, I recommend the book, but hope they change artists soon.

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Supergirl (2016) #10

Jun 21, 2017

I am still not a fan of the art in this series, but Orlando's writing and his knowledge of Supergirl's history in comics and film has got me hooked.

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Supergirl (2016) #11

Jul 12, 2017

"Escape from the Phantom Zone" was a fun story. It is always fun to see Supergirl team up with Batgirl. This series has been delightful so far, and I love how it incorporates so much from Supergirl's past incarnations.

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Supergirl (2016) #12

Aug 12, 2017

This series has had excellent writing the whole time. Orlando never disappoints. My main complaint about this series has been the art. I did not have that complaint this issue, so I give it top marks.

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Wonder Woman: Rebirth #1

Jun 20, 2017

This issue was a good start to Wonder Woman's new title and direction. It starts off by setting up the new quest and to fundamentally question who Diana is as a warrior, woman, and hero.

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