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Britannia #1

Sep 23, 2016

Britannia is a fantastic historical fiction comic, with a solid hero and the most disgusting of antagonists in Emperor Nero.

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Conan: The Slayer #3

Sep 26, 2016

As it's written by Mr Bunn, I am definitely going to assume the latter and it succeeded in his plan; I missed the first 2 issues without concern, but I am certainly not going to miss any more of them, even if I have to put up with the thought bubbles!

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Doctor Crowe #1

Oct 11, 2016

Doctor Crowe is a concept we have seen too many times before and it is neither good nor bad, but somewhere in the murky middle lurking around complete a level of completely forgettable.

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Eisenhorn: XENOS #0

Sep 16, 2016

Xenos is one long advert for an upcoming game, its saving grace is that it is a really, really good advert.

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Evil Heroes #2

Sep 13, 2016

If this was an issue of Injustice Gods Among Us, IXth Generation or for that matter Squadron Supreme or even Xena, then this might feel like a really good book, the problem is it draws so heavily from other series that it just feels repetitious. I understand that it is trying to be topical and allegorical, but unless you are Alan Moore creating Watchmen, this is bound to fail.

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Grimm Fairy Tales Presents: Wonderland #51

Sep 9, 2016

Wonderland ends with a bang and a fizzle, gory and exciting, but ultimately a bit flat, but I don't think you could give a contradictory book like this any more of a satisfying conclusion.

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Hellchild: The Unholy #1

Oct 24, 2016

Hellchild replaces Zenescope's usual cheesecake with gore-porn, but still makes a good go at a new series for this developing character.

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Red Agent: The Human Order #1

Dec 5, 2016

Red Agent gives us enough to keep you interested for next month, but unless you buy these books for the art, I think it will disappoint long term.

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Red Dog #1

Sep 5, 2016

This is a Michael Bay film in printed form. It looks fantastic, it reads fine and hits all the right notes but there is absolutely no soul behind it.

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Seven to Eternity #1

Sep 28, 2016

Seven to Eternity is a return to form for Remender and Opena and makes me very happy to have stuck with them after their less than stellar end at Marvel..

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Sweet Lullaby #1

Jan 16, 2017

Sweet Lullaby is a really engrossing read, once you get over the really annoying code names.

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Symmetry #8

Oct 17, 2016

This comic was a perfectly applicable one, which let you form your own conclusions as to right and wrong, but the writer rode rough shod over that with his own allegory and that destroyed it.

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Xena: Warrior Princess #6

Sep 16, 2016

Xena proves that you should never read comic adaptations of your favourite shows, they will only ever disappoint.

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