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Curse Words #3

Mar 23, 2017

Curse Words #3 is a solidly entertaining read, if not a complete story in itself. What the issue sets out to do, expand the scope of the book, it does well, and does so with style.

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Doctor Strange (2015) #1.MU

Feb 14, 2017

Like the rest of the book, the art was fine. For all the action, most of it felt pretty stiff. And for a book about monsters, their renderings were not very monstrous, but I chalk that up more to the tie-in nature of the book. I doubt Julian Lopez had much wiggle room for any of these designs. Overall, the art doesn't save the middling quality of the script.

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Extremity #1

Feb 28, 2017

Extremity is a book that I went into wearily, worried that it would be all blood and guts and little else. Thanks to a creator who is telling an intensely personal story (he even writes about it in a brief letter at the end), this book is much more. It's a dark, violent, colorful, loud story about a girl just trying to find herself. I'm really looking forward to seeing where Thea goes next.

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Man-Thing (2017) #1

Mar 8, 2017

Man-Thing #1 is a risky book full of charm, but it doesn't quite sell the main character to newcomers. If the retro feel and the 4th grade nostalgia are up your alley, I think Man-Thing is worth checking out for at least a few issues.

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Man-Thing (2017) #2

Mar 29, 2017

The story in Man-Thing #2 does not work for many reasons, which is too bad, because I applaud the fact that a Man-Thing book exists. Existing is just not enough to justify the cover price.

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Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #16

Feb 22, 2017

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur make a great team, especially with some assistance from Dr. Strange to knock Lunella off her balance. If you aren't reading MG and DD, catch up, because if this issue is evidence, this title is tons of fun.

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Quantum Teens Are Go #1

Feb 19, 2017

Overall, I can see what Visaggio and Donovan were shooting for, and I think they have a pretty okay start here. This issue, though, is just a little bit too rough for me to really be enthusiastic about it. Hopefully issue 2 will have a bit more editing with tighter art that will help pull readers into a story that I think could end up being neat.

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Super Sons #1

Feb 15, 2017

The issue ends with Damian dropping in on Jon before bed for a bit of an adventure, attempting to break into Lexcorp until Luthor ominously catches them in the act. It's a pretty solid cliffhanger, albeit one that doesn't tie into the issue's robot-fighting prologue, but I'm looking forward to the next issue. Between the team-up, the family dynamics, and the internal conflicts, there is a surprising amount of groundwork laid with a relatively fun, small story.

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Super Sons #2

Mar 15, 2017

While not bad by any means, this issue's attempt to move the plot forward comes at the expense of telling a fulfilling story. More disappointing is that the forward momentum comes to a screeching halt on the last page, seemingly in an effort to draw the story out. After a bumpy second outing, I really hope Tomasi is able to even things out next issue and get back to the great storytelling from issue one.

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