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Batman (2016) #25

Jun 21, 2017

I really enjoyed the take on two different stories that lead into one story narrated by Bruce Wayne. The story was kind of slow for being one of Batman's greatest failures and also being an "Extra-Sized Anniversary Issue!" Also, this buffed up Edward Nigma is a no go for me. I'll definitely keep reading to see what will happen next, Batman tends to pick up rather quickly and this feud between The Joker and The Riddler looks like it will be one hell of a ride. Who will have the last laugh?

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Batman (2016) #26

Jul 5, 2017

As I said in the last review, "Batman tends to pick up rather quickly." I was not lying. Tom King's Joker and Riddler feud is a story made in heaven. Chaos vs Order, who doesn't want to read this!? We see Batman racing to stop crimes before they happen only to fail, finding out that whatever is happening to the city will tear it apart. There is a great nod to Tim Burton's 1989 Batman film, as a big Batman fan it brought a smile to my face. (Pun intended) That final panel is amazing! The War of Jokes and Riddles has me wanting the next issue. "It took a few more weeks before the city saw what is was."

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Batman (2016) #27

Jul 19, 2017

Tom King does it again. This time he brings the war right into a normal man's life. Not a super villain or even a regular villain, but a normal civilian like you or I who is down on his luck. He takes us into the life of Charlie Brown" no, not the one from The Peanuts Gang. This new take strikes closer to home as we realize how impactful this War of Jokes and Riddles has become. Batman fights to keep Gotham City safe, but does he understand the outcome of the war to its residence?

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Detective Comics (2016) #958

Jun 26, 2017

The story picks up quickly as Azrael's old friend appears leaving a bloody trail. Every team member has his or her voice and you can feel that it is a team. Most team books sometimes fall out of place because members are forgotten in the background; not in Detective Comics. Since he has joined the team, Basil (Clay Face) has shown his worth and in this issue you catch a different side of him. He might be one of Batman's greatest choices. With Azrael's past brought to light and now knowing he is obsolete, the upcoming issues are a must read. Can the team get past this new treat or will The Order prevail? Bruce's friend was a great reveal.

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Detective Comics (2016) #959

Jun 28, 2017

The new arc is becoming one to really look forward to and look out what will happen next. What Batman shows to Zatanna and what Azrael sees in his room in the final panel has made this comic a must read to find out what is next. Only negative thing I have is that the fight was too short, only leaving Batman to shine and Batwoman not feel as a leader.

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Detective Comics (2016) #960

Jul 12, 2017

This issue takes a step backwards from its previous ones. With such a build up from the last two issues this one kind of slows everything down. More questions are asked as Batman gets one step closer to finding the truth. The team takes a hit as they are nowhere to be found. Kate and Lucas are the only ones shown, as a team book it would have been nice to at least have shown the rest of them being called. Jean-Paul battling his demons is a nice touch, but with him still the main focus this issue for some reason did not do him justice. Hopefully James Tynion picks up the pace again as we all want to know and see what is going on with Azrael and Ascalon.

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Detective Comics (2016) #961

Jul 26, 2017

Last time I said Detective Comics took a step backwards from its previous issues, that is not the case in this new issue. Writer James Tynion IV cranks up the volume and things are really getting back on track. Jean-Paul has lost his spotlight and in his place Azrael has full control. This is what I was waiting for, the team is back as they were M.I.A in the last issue and the fight was epic. Also, the last panel will bring back some nostalgic awesomeness.

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