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Batman (2016) #25

Jun 22, 2017

In conclusion, there's a lot to be excited for what is to come. The Joker going up against The Riddler is a great idea and their interactions are worth buying the issue alone. I really want to find out what happened after the previous issue but I'm fine with a solid story for now.

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Batman (2016) #26

Jul 7, 2017

This weeks issue is very solid, the characters work really well. The dialogue is fantastic and you would want to read the villains talk for pages and pages. The art is almost 3d-like, and it creates a very immersive experience when reading. Not a whole lot happens in this issue, something that I hope changes in the next chapters of the story.

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Batman (2016) #27

Jul 21, 2017

Overall, it's a great villain origin story. Doesn't give us too much incite on how Kite-Man will affect the story later on so we'll have to wait and see. Batman is surely a series to keep up with if you haven't.

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Batman (2016) #28

Aug 3, 2017

This was an overall strong issue, with King and Janin seemingly having a near perfect writing and art blend. I am really enjoying how King has focused on the psychological part of war. This introduces a lot of concepts that will hit hard with some people, and we get to see the emotional part of characters we otherwise wouldn't have seen.

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Batman (2016) #29

Aug 17, 2017

Overall, this is another stunning chapter in the flashback storyline featuring Gotham's greatest villains. This issue was short, and I would've liked to see more. I feel like one or two pages more would have sealed the deal for me to give it a perfect rating. It's not clear how this story-line will end but you can bet I'll be reading until the very last page…

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Flash (2016) #25

Jun 29, 2017

This week's issue is really solid, finding out about Reverse-Flash's origin was entertaining and well written. The art is pretty engaging, switching between plot points and point-of-views off characters. The concept was very interesting and ambitious, but it didn't work for me all of the time.

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Flash (2016) #26

Jul 15, 2017

The art is once again on point, with the very beginning and end being the highlights for me. Inconsistent in some areas, but solid as a whole. It had some problems, but overall this issue is still solid. The dialogue was once again natural and well written by Williamson. Definitely worth checking out if you're a Flash fan or DC Comics fan.

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Flash (2016) #28

Aug 11, 2017

The art is pretty great and it's a return to the style form earlier issues. I like it and it suits the Flash. It's more consistent than #27, makes me think it the last one was made in a shorter time span but that's just me speculating. Overall, I'm still disappointed on how the last story turned out at the very end, specially since it started out great. I'll remain hope still that this new one get things back into shape. I still like the dialogue annd characters, the narrative needs a little shifting.

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