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Kamandi Challenge #4

Apr 26, 2017

Fast, fun but without much depth and not above succumbing to the lesser clichs that come with the story matter and not necessarily to the issue's credit. However, lots to look forward to, with more action in store and hopefully more of a hook than thePlanet of the Apes, "God damn you all to Hell!" ending I think most readers would be expecting.

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Nightwing (2016) #16

Mar 1, 2017

Excellent character work. The chemistry between Dick and Damian is wonderful and there is a lot to look forward to regarding Nightwing's legacy and his future with Shawn. I hope the coming plotlines can match the maturity we are seeing in these characters.

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Nightwing (2016) #19

Apr 19, 2017

If youre as attached to Damian Wayne as I am" especially after this arc " then youre going to feel a slight sting. The issue progresses everything weve seen in the arc so far, pushing Nightwing further out of his comfort zone and making the most out of close, personal interactions between the active characters.

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