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Batman '66 Meets The Legion Of Super-Heroes #1

Jul 19, 2017

Overall, this comic feels like a Batman TV special, and it is enchanting. The Legion of Super-Heroes is familiar (though you may be surprised by some of the members!) and the premise for this comic is cute and funny. This is a great comic to pick up for a quick laugh and some solid Batman nostalgia. I wish this was a cartoon, or at least an ongoing series, but it is a great conclusion to the Batman '66 series, and a perfect homage to the late Adam West.

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Dread Gods #1

Jul 12, 2017

This series has started off on a somewhat confusing note, and with a lack of information, positive representation, and innovation, this ends up being another semi-decent action comic.

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Regression #3

Jul 12, 2017

Don't take it from me, though read it for yourself. Just make sure to read it with the lights on.

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