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All-Star Batman #9

Apr 21, 2017

The meaning prised out of this particular issue will be highly individual and subjective, but the arresting imagery of Batman with a shredded American flag draped over his shoulder paired with the setting of the nations capital narrow the likely range of reasonable conclusions just enough to ensure that theyre explicitly political in nature. But just like Bruces rogues who litter their puzzles with clues because they want Bruce to solve them, Snyder and Jock leave this issue for us to piece together, confident in our ability as readers to draw the intended conclusions.

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All-Star Batman #10

May 10, 2017

As this issue continues to prove, All Star Batman is a precision instrument and the crown jewel of DC's current output.

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Magdalena (2017) #1

Mar 23, 2017

Where The Magdalena intends to go from here is anyones guess, but it already has the most important piece of the puzzle in place: heroines that reflect the world we live in and the women who read comics.

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Vampirella (2017) #1

Mar 18, 2017

The creators' work here appears deeply out of its depth on the topics and themes they try to present, which is difficult to muster up any sympathy for in an era where the frontiers of eroticism in mainstream comics are being reconfigured in real time by the likes of Clean Room, Sex Criminals, Sunstone, Multiple Warheads, and Harley Quinn.

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