Todd, The Ugliest Kid on Earth

Todd, The Ugliest Kid on Earth

Publisher: Image Comics Release: Jan 2013 - Nov 2013 Issues: 7 Collected Volumes: 2 Total Critic Reviews: 38
8.4Avg. Issue Rating

This series, a collision of comedy, sex, and violence, follows the misadventures of America's most dysfunctional family as they go head-to-severed head with an Oprah-loving ax murderer, a cult-crazy soap opera star, and a neo-Nazi prison gang.
First issue: Todd wants desperately to make friends, but every kid he approaches winds up decapitated. Or worse. Meanwhile, Todd's mother is on a mission to get even with her husband who she believes is having an affair.

Rating Collected Volume Issues
Vol. 2 3
Vol. 1 4

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