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fanredhood reviewed Catwoman #25 Sep 15, 2020

It felt weak and very inconsistent. There is no coherence in the story. The art is good. but nothing else.

Catwoman #25

By: Ram V, Fernando Blanco
Released: Sep 16, 2020

A tie-in to “The Joker War”! Catwoman returns to Gotham City to get even with the people who stole her plans and used them against Batman…and if you’re the Riddler or the Penguin, you better watch your back, because Catwoman is coming to claim what she deserves…and that’s everything! Plus, two bonus tales: One a story about Catwoman goi...

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fanredhood reviewed Teen Titans #45 Sep 15, 2020

What ?? It's reasonable for the guys to look for Damian, but excuse me. WHAT DOES HOOD HAVE TO DO? good heavens! We return to the ignorance of the characters, I only feel that they use Hood to attract Red Hood fans and apart from badly placed.
It is Dick who should be looking for Damian, one is a strong card, he has more fans or so I think maybe things have changed. But Dick and Damian have a more

Teen Titans #45

By: Robbie Thompson, Javier Fernandez
Released: Sep 16, 2020

After the shocking events of last month’s Teen Titans Annual, Crush has been named the new leader of the Teen Titans. With Damian Wayne missing, can Crush hold the teen team together? And now that she’s in charge, which villains will Lobo’s daughter go after first? And will Red Arrow, Kid Flash, and Roundhouse follow their hotheaded new leade...

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fanredhood rated X-Force #12 Sep 15, 2020

X-Force #12

By: Ben Percy, Oscar Bazaldua
Released: Sep 9, 2020

THE CEREBRO SWORD! After taking on the Flower Cartel, Logan has brought back valuable intel to the mutant CIA. The non-treaty nation of Russia is working to undermine Krakoa - and may be aligned with Xeno. Beast wants Colossus on their side as the first drumbeats of war begin to sound.


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fanredhood reviewed Detective Comics #1027 Sep 15, 2020

It fulfills its objective.

Detective Comics #1027

By: Brian Michael Bendis, Lee Bermejo
Released: Sep 16, 2020

Light the Bat-Signal, because Detective Comics #1027 is here! In honor of Batman’s first appearance in Detective Comics #27, this special, book-size celebration brings you the biggest names in comics as they chronicle the most epic Batman adventures Gotham City and the DC Universe have ever seen! The World’s Greatest Detective has a mountain of...

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fanredhood reviewed Nightwing #74 Sep 15, 2020

omg this number was a crime. I won't even write about this, there are no words to describe that number disaster.
It was horrible, it was horrible.

Nightwing #74

By: Dan Jurgens, Ryan Benjamin
Released: Sep 9, 2020

The Joker has poisoned Ric Grayson’s mind with false memories and pitted him against Batgirl, the Robins, and Batman. As Batgirl realizes the key to ending this nightmare is through the crystal around The Joker’s neck, it’s up to Grayson to use it on himself and fight for who he really is: Nightwing! And if he doesn’t get stuck in his own m...

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fanredhood reviewed Batman #99 Sep 15, 2020

I feel that this number fell short of the expectations of many. Tynion promised too much and has given too little.
He did not know how to characterize the Joker, there is no dramatic meeting of the Batclan, it is cold, tasteless. Batman seems to be on a couch covering couples therapy, only the couple did not arrive and the beginning without her, talks all the time about his relationship with more

Batman #99

By: James Tynion IV, Jorge Jimenez
Released: Sep 16, 2020

“The Joker War” part five of six! Things have changed, as Batman realizes he can’t fight this war alone. He’s going to need help. Before he faces down The Joker, he must call up his trusty partner Dick Grayson! But can Dick reclaim his lost memories in time to join the battle?


The only defect I saw in this number was the quantum leap from the camera to Gotham, however for those of us who follow the series we are going to find a lot of sense, it was an excellent drama with action.

Jason arrives at his old lair, due to the exile that Batman imposed on him, that is something sad, then he offers us mixed emotions when he remembers Bruce and their relationship, he more

Red Hood and the Outlaws #48

By: Scott Lobdell, Brett Booth
Released: Aug 26, 2020

In the aftermath of the war between Batman and The Joker, Jason Todd has a few decisions to make. Does Gotham City-or the world at large-really need the Red Hood? If Jason contemplates retiring the Red Hood mask altogether, what does that mean for Artemis and Bizarro? Can the Outlaws continue to exist without their leader? A family reunion with Ric...

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