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Black Bolt #1

May 12, 2017

Upon waking up chained in an unknown cell, Black Bolt quickly navigates the bizarre prison in which he finds himself. His solo explorations make for an oddly quiet first chapter, until he witnesses the torture and seeming death of a fellow inmate" at which point he encounters a standard supervillain, and gets into a standard superhero fight scene. By issue's end, we still have far more questions than answers (even with a highly effective twist ending).

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Cable (2017) #1

Jun 2, 2017

Early in the issue Cable stands at the entrance of an Old West saloon, proclaiming to the patrons that there's "no need for introductions." Regrettably, it's hard not to feel the creators took that sentiment to heart.

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Defenders (2017) #1

Jun 16, 2017

This is a comic staking out its (literal) territory very deliberately, and one that offers a subgenre of superheroics that hasn't been fully explored in some time.

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Generation X (2017) #1

May 19, 2017

In the final analysis, while this debut does a number of things right, it also comes across as an X-Men comic firmly aimed at people who are already reading X-Men comics.

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Iceman (2017) #1

Jun 9, 2017

The couple of X-launches we've looked at in past weeks haven't been the most successful, which is disappointing. Iceman #1, on the other hand? This feels exactly like the kind of X-Men comic we've been missing out on.

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Nick Fury (2017) #1

May 12, 2017

As it is, the only real misstep is the cover. The single color on all-white background is an interesting visual, but perhaps it's too subtle and minimalist for its own good; I fear that this cover might not catch the eye of any readers skeptical of Marvel's current deluge of new books, and that it fails to convey the utterly brilliant wonders found within.

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Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #1

Jun 23, 2017

More to the point, this is a Spidey comic set to come out once a month, and " with any luck " one that will stay clear of any Spider-crossovers or other events. In other words, it's the debut of not just a second Spider-Man comic, but specifically a low-commitment one. It's the kind of comic that any Spider-fan, old or new, would do well to pick up.

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Secret Empire #1

May 5, 2017

With any luck, Marvel can figure these things out, and course correct. It may be hard to see that potential now (and especially with this particular event), but we want them to succeed. We still have hope for the future.

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Venom (2016) #150

May 26, 2017

All in all, an impressively compelling and sadly off-putting final product. That's a shame, but the lead story effectively does the job of giving readers the original Venom again, and in a far more interesting way than you'd expect.

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