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Batwoman (2017) #1

Mar 16, 2017

Batwoman #1 is an improvement from the overbearingly dense Rebirth issue. The art is unique, but the color is conflicting with the lines. The plot shows promise and the new characters are being well introduced, and the cliffhanger at the end might lead to some intricate plot points.

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Batwoman (2017) #2

Apr 20, 2017

This is a flawed issue, but the negative sides are outweighed by the positive. With compelling new characters and some revelations made about the main threat, Batwoman #2 is an essential plot point for this story arc.

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Batwoman: Rebirth #1

Feb 16, 2017

Overall, this issue is good for those looking for a fast way to get acquainted with Batwoman's background, but I do feel that it is not really essential for the plot to come.

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Super Sons #1

Feb 17, 2017

As for Jimenez's art and Alejandro Sanchez's colors I can only describe it as beautiful, expressive and fun. The arms and legs of the bullies sticking out of the monstrous snowball had me chuckling as a kid. I can't deny that I was expecting Patrick Gleason to be the artist, considering his history with Damian in Robin: Son of Batman, but Jimenez and Sanchez had me with their Superman Annual, and from that moment on I was even more hooked for this book. If the following issues are of the same quality as this one, this is sure to bethe all-ages comic book that so much people had been waiting for, and I can't wait to try and bring the kids in my family over to the geeky side of the force with the help of Robin and Superboy.

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Super Sons #2

Mar 17, 2017

It is only issue #2 of this series, but I feel like we are in for an amazing ride. Kid Amazo has been built based on show-don't-tell, a rare thing in comics, and the subplots are keeping a good stride to the pacing of the storytelling. With a strong plot, fun dialogue and amazing art, there is almost no negative sides to point out in Super Sons, except that it only comes out once every month.

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Super Sons #3

Apr 21, 2017

A fast-paced issue that manages to continue with the storyline while still delivering a large amount of action. Tomasi further develops Kid Amazos back story and Jimenez manages to put a great variety of action images together.

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