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jrjoanes reviewed Titans #7 Jan 11, 2017

Titans continues to charm with its witty dialogue and greatly developed character interactions, add on top of that a wonderful connection between pre-52 Wally West and Superman, Titans #7 leaves you beaming and excited for more future stories.

Titans #7

By: Dan Abnett, Lee Weeks
Released: Jan 11, 2017

"Home Sweet Home"! A new threat brings Wally West face to face with the Man of Steel, and the two recognize each other as kindred souls from another world. Plus, the Titans set up their new Tower in New York City!

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Its a good intro to the character albeit rushed. The previous one-shot, Atom, benefited from have its story told chronologically, this one takes the flashback approach. That said, Mari Mcabe is a likable and cool character and I look forward to see her in JLA.

Justice League of America: Vixen Rebirth #1

By: Steve Orlando, Jamal Campbell
Released: Jan 11, 2017

SPINNING OUT OF THE PAGES OF JUSTICE LEAGUE VS. SUICIDE SQUAD! She's one of the country's most successful businesswomen, an iconic fashion pioneer, a crusader for social justice and an incredibly powerful member of the Justice League of America. But Mari McCabe's life wasn't always this way. Follow her path to becoming the heroic Vixen in this cruc...

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Justice League vs. Suicide Squad #3

By: Joshua Williamson, Ardian Syaf
Released: Jan 4, 2017

Belle Reve Penitentiary. Headquarters of Task Force X, home to the worst super-criminal scum in the DC Universe and new residence of...the Justice League?! The Suicide Squad delight in showing Earth's greatest heroes how the other side lives, and you'd better believe the Justice League needs to be restrained to hear the terrible secret Amanda Walle...

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Justice League of America: The Atom Rebirth #1

By: Steve Orlando, Andy MacDonald
Released: Jan 4, 2017

SPINNING OUT OF THE PAGES OF JUSTICE LEAGUE VS. SUICIDE SQUAD! Meet Ryan Choi, prodigious theoretical physics student with severe allergies and crippling social anxiety. But little does young Ryan know, his first day at Ivy University marks the start of an epic journey into the very heart of the DC Universe! One shot RATED T

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