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Aquaman (2016) #19

Mar 15, 2017

I hate to damn Abnett's Aquaman with faint praise, but not being much of an "Aquafan" myself, I find little on these pages to cause me to get too excited. Not bad, but given all there is to read, this doesn't go on the top of the pile.

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Bloodshot: Reborn #0

Mar 22, 2017

Bloodshot Reborn #0 earns a 6.5 out of 10 because there is too little menace and too much cute.

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James Bond #1

Mar 1, 2017

Dynamite's James Bond: Black Box #1 is an exciting start to an encouraging series.

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Magdalena (2017) #1

Mar 22, 2017

There's no shortage of comics about demonic possession these days, but this one is a clever addition and worth checking out. Nicely done with a promise of better to come.

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Man-Thing (2017) #1

Mar 10, 2017

So far, I have to say I'm on Team Gerber, not Team Stine. I'm curious how this might pan out, so I'll give it another shot. The issue ends abruptly with a surprising encounter and standard punch out followed by a throwaway short "weird tale."

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Rat Queens (2017) #1

Mar 6, 2017

With artwork of excruciating detail and manic energy, Gieni captures the spirit and personality of the Queen with a beauty and simplicity that is easy to enjoy. Wiebe gives us sharp dialogue and expertly turns our expectations upside down.

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Sex Criminals #17

Mar 17, 2017

The story blends action and irreverence with humor. My biggest complaint is that the writers have a tendency to intrude in the narrative just a little too much. WE GET IT! We wouldn't be here otherwise.

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Underwinter #1

Mar 22, 2017

A classic story told well and leaving me wanting more. I thought it was over too soon, and it left my anticipation for the next chapter so great as to be uncomfortable.

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