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Alex + Ada #1

Nov 7, 2013

This is a good issue. A cool universe is set up with advanced technology and robots, what more could you ask for? If you like the movie I Robot then this comic is for you

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Damian: Son of Batman #1

Oct 31, 2013

All in all this issue is between bad and just ok. We at 2ComicNerds had very different opinions about it, so we like to believe that others did too.

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Deadpool (2012) #19

Nov 14, 2013

This issue was amazing, they actually write Deadpool the way he is suppose to be written. Deadpool actually has a really caring heart, in this issue you get to see that again. The horrible pain that Deadpool suffers not knowing what has happened to his daughter that he never knew he had is almost tear jerking. Yes, Deadpool still has jokes and some witty humor, but due to the current problem, Deadpool goes a little darker. This type of take on Deadpool reminds me of the amazing run that Joe Kelly did. The way that Posehn and Duggan make Deadpool this emotional wreck is exactly how Deadpool was originally written.

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George Romero's Empire of the Dead: Act One #1

Jan 24, 2014

All and all this issue wasn't bad, but it failed to live up to the hype that is George A. Romaro. The comic just doesn't stand out in a time full of zombie culture which truly made us sad.

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Harley Quinn (2013) #0

Nov 22, 2013

Harley Quinn #0 is a very memorable issue and certainly one that will be brought up any time anyone mentions Harley Quinn.

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New Warriors (2014) #1

Feb 21, 2014

If you were a fan of Chris Yost's Scarlet Spider series then you will love this issue. And if you love The Guardians of the Galaxy then you will love this, because this is a team of lovable misfits as well.

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Night of the Living Deadpool #1

Jan 17, 2014

All and all this book was very enjoyable and read very smoothly. Anyone that likes The Walking Dead will find the book familiar in a good way. The humor lands more times than not and the art is very pleasing to the eye.

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Pretty Deadly #1

Oct 24, 2013

This issue is really good, the story is great and the premise is unique. We are for sure going to follow this series and we hope you do to. If you're on the fence then give it a shot because it us a solid issue.

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Punisher (2014) #1

Feb 8, 2014

This book was our most anticipated for this week and it let us down. We love Nathan Edmondson and despite the unanimously positive reviews for this issue, we just couldn't get into it. The mistreatment of The Punisher by making him happy and jokey was too much and the fact no one knows Frank is the Punisher pushed us over the edge. We feel like Frank Castle wasn't Frank Castle and we just couldn't get past that. The action, art, and story itself was good though. We have high hopes for this series and we truly wish we loved this comic.

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Thunderbolts (2012) #21

Jan 31, 2014

This was a very good issue and I personally can't wait for what's coming next. Charles Soule has really turned this book around and fans that dropped the book earlier should really get back on board now!

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