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Atomic Robo: Dogs of War #1

Aug 9, 2008

Also included is a back-up story, but Ill leave that to be experienced on your own. All Ill say is this: robot swimsuit.

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Echo #5

Aug 7, 2008

With a compelling story, illustrated skillfully, there couldnt be many more reasons to buy this book. It urges you to buy it. Your hand aches without this book in it. Do yourself a favor, and go pick it up.

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Jesus Hates Zombies, Lincoln Hates Werewolves #1

Aug 9, 2008

Ask yourself this: Do you like zombies, angels, and werewolves? If you do, then you could probably enjoy reading a story about the son of God and former President Abraham Lincoln protecting the world from their respective enemies. You just have to know what youre getting in to.

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Madame Xanadu #2

Aug 4, 2008

Go ahead and pick up issue #2 of Madame Xanadu and get caught up on the story. Issue #3 will most likely have some interesting developments, especially considering how the second issue ends.

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