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9 Months #1

Sep 29, 2008

Overall, a really strong book, an independent book, and one that commands your attention. The creators are doing some great things, and these are the kinds of projects we need to support. If your local store doesnt carry it, tell them to get it on the shelves. Itll sell. Highly recommended.

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Back to Brooklyn #1

Oct 2, 2008

Despite the minor faults, Ive already read Back to Brooklyn twice, and I very well may give it another go before issue two hits the stands. Its a solid read, and it could very well be the opening act to a great mini-series, so if you think it might be your thing it probably is.

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Four Eyes #1

Oct 3, 2008

Overall, the art and coloring are great throughout, the pacing is good, but the writing has momentary lags. I also found the cover price to be a bit steep at $3.50 for a standard length issue, but to be fair were dealing with a talented and cohesive team. If they can play to their strengths and keep this story rushing forward I could easily see myself touting the next issue as a must-have.

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Pulp Tales #1

Oct 6, 2008

To be sure, the past few decades havent been kind to pulp entertainment. Part of this trend can be traced to the rise of film, but even popular novels have shifted away from the hard-boiled and weary detective, from the perfectly disposable packaging of dime novels past. Genre novels published today arent any better; in fact the formulas are more entrenched now than ever before. In all the westerns and romances, mysteries and thrillers published today, though, theres a spirit of fun lacking, a spirit of fun thats found in these stories. Not the tongue-in-cheek, we know this is corny kind of fun, but a genuine joy in telling these kinds of stories is evident in every page of Pulp Tales.

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