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Alpha Flight (2011) #1

Jun 26, 2011

I mean, to a casual reader this would just be "Alpha Flight fights some fish man," not "Alpha Flight fights one of the Worthy that serve the Serpent, who is the actual All-Father which only matters if you know what Thor is."

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Butcher Baker: The Righteous Maker #4

Jul 7, 2011

Danny: Funny that the issue with the semitruck on the cover has the least amount of the Liberty Belle in the actual book.

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The Red Wing #1

Jul 19, 2011

Danny:As such, the plot jumps back and forth between the book's present with the sons and the past with the fathers, which is a great idea because it gives us time battles (?) instead of forcing us to wait through time pilot school along with the cadets.

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The Red Wing #2

Aug 9, 2011

Danny: Exactly -- in addition to being a fairly common trope (The botched training simulation! "You think this is a game, son?!") we learn along with these characters what kind of weapons the time pilots are working with.

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