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Black Lightning: Year One #1

Jan 11, 2009

Great pacing and action, fantastic characterization, wonderfully expressive art, and the resurrection of one of DC's most underused characters!

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Trinity #32

Jan 12, 2009

In closing I'd just like to say its an honor and a privilege to follow Jim (JSA) Beards weekly reviews of the DC Weeklies. Hope all is well Jim!

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Trinity #33

Jan 19, 2009

Overall, this issue is a solid tale that left me wanting more. All in all Trinity has arisen from the ashes of blas, and although this issue wasnt amazing by any means it was a solid piece of entertainment and a worthwhile building block in whats turning out to be quite an epic tale. Here to hoping it can maintain some momentum and continue on in this direction without slumping back into boredom territory.

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Trinity #34

Jan 26, 2009

Of course history will show that most big superhuman battle scenes in comics tend to be fairly generic in nature with the artist drawing inconsequential clashes of good and evil. And while the second half of the comic is more action based, it is mostly combatants seemingly having no effect on one another. There are some solid moments in the back-up and its by no means crap, just a teeny bit of a letdown as the basic plot is great, but if there was more originality and detail in the action Trinity #34 would have been a comic worth being excited about instead of just being a decent read.

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