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Johnny Monster #1

Feb 20, 2009

Johnny Monster shows promise. The first issue has a fistful of monsters, but could have included a little more action and a little less talking reporter. A book dedicated to giant beasts and monster hunters has bought Joshua Williamson a lot of goodwill from this reader, and Ill certainly be back to check out the next issue. And so, a hopeful three bullets for this first issue. I eagerly await more monster battles, monster hunts, and, yes, monster love. If thats not enough for you, dear reader, well take heart, because next issue promises a team-up with one of Images other monster properties, Phil Hesters Firebreather! Woo-hoo!

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Strange Adventures (2009) #1

Mar 8, 2009

At $3.99 an issue, I cant say whether or not Ill stick around for the next seven installments of Strange Adventures. As a fan of Starlins work, I certainly hope that the rest of the series develops into the epic that it should be. If not, I hope it at least gives us more of Bizarro beating stuff up.

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