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Britannia: Lost Eagles of Rome #1

Jul 25, 2018

Cons-Feels like evening TV, not much to hook readers in (yet), artwork is missing something, woman yells at crazy Roman emperor with no consequences.

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Judge Dredd: Under Siege #1

Jun 13, 2018

Story has been done before, making this standalone series feel redundant. Necessary characterization is missing in some places. Irritating, woke civilians.

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Justice League: No Justice #4

Jun 5, 2018

No Justice ends by setting up the new status quo for the DC universe. It's a strange and mysterious place where anything can happen. While this idea is a good one in theory, just because anything can happen doesn't always mean that it should.

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Sonic The Hedgehog (2018) #5

Jun 7, 2018

Time will tell if IDW has what it takes to carry Sonic's legacy from Archie. So far, there's good reason to hope, but there's also some niggling doubts that I hope will be smoothed out soon.

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Titans (2016): Special #1

Jun 21, 2018

This issue, as pretty as it is at times, is just an advertisement for other comics. An advertisement you pay money for.

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