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Batman/Elmer Fudd Special #1

Jun 28, 2017

King, Vaughns and Strachan end Batman/Elmer Fudd Special #1 with an 8-pager done in a traditional, kid-friendly style which illustrates the efficacy of the simple, danger-driven storytelling the Tunes are known for. It's a nice homage to the source material and when the tonal shift does occur on page 32, don't close the book just yet. Elmer Fudd is on the loose and wabbit hunting season is still open

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Dark Days: The Casting #1

Jul 17, 2017

The art in the book is stunning, albeit a tad fragmented because of the three very distinct aesthetics employed by the pencil team. I mentioned this in my previous review that it can come across as a bit jagged, but it also serves the different sequences. The writing by Snyder and Tynion take you to places of deep discomfort and that is what appeals to me. It is rich and cinematic, uncompromising of its vision and leaves you wanting more.

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Dark Days: The Forge #1

Jun 19, 2017

What really adds to Dark Days: The Forge #1, and especially because this specific title is leaning towards something more sinister since the inception of Rebirth's more optimistic tone, is that it doesn't take prisoners. Wherever METAL is going to take us, it is going to be merciless, unflinching and incredibly compelling.

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