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Hellcyon #3

Aug 19, 2010

I know I've been pretty rough on the book, so I have to be as level as I can here at the end so you know the entire score. This book will definitely not be for everyone. The art takes getting used to and that's only worth doing if you want the story underneath. I do, however, see there being an audience for the story. Not a huge audience, but if you're heavy into mechs and manga, then this is going to be something you definitely want to check out because it delivers what is basically a quintessential Japanese mech manga in American form with a more American angle. If you're outside that demographic, then I think it should be pretty clear this one isn't for you just from the cover.

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X-Men (2010) #2

Aug 13, 2010

As an X-Men fan, this is not what I wanted when I heard they were relaunching the X-Men book. For a book that's mainline continuity, this just makes no sense as a direction to take the mutants after Second Coming and during the Heroic Age. It's also bafflingly titled Curse of Mutants. Honestly, if that's a commentary on the obvious drop in quality they tend to have after any solid storyline, I'd agree. If you're an X-Men completist like myself, then you're a slave to your obsessions and you probably picked it up already. However, if you are anything less than a diehard X-Men fan, don't even go near it. Avoid it and buy just about any other X title instead.

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