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Cerebus #297

Dec 22, 2003

With only three issues remaining, its an amazing opportunity to be able to witness one of Comicdoms legends finish perhaps the greatest comic epic of all time. And if you havent done it already, tell your comics retailer to order an extra copy or ten of CEREBUS #300. Its a perfect way to send a message of appreciation to both Dave Sim and Gerhard (his backgound artist for over two hundred issues) and its what I would consider to be an excellent tribute to honor a true pioneer in the Comics industry.

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Cerebus #298

Feb 2, 2004

And did I mention that a huge Aardvark Comment section has returned to the back pages? All in all, CEREBUS remains a tremendous comicwell, for at least a couple more months, anyway. Dont forget to get your retailer to order your extra copies of issue #300 to show Dave our appreciation! Most Holy commands it!

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Cerebus #299

Feb 13, 2004

Run to get this issue if you dont have itthis is one to remember.

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