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Teen Titans (2016) #9

Jun 29, 2017

While TEEN TITANS #9 offered up some promising leads to a good story arc, the issue just couldn't generate enough sympathy for the departure of Kid Flash.

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Teen Titans (2016) #10

Jul 27, 2017

TEEN TITANS #10 does a good job of keeping up the momentum from the previous issue. Black Manta, who is the villain of this arc, poses the pefect threat for this team. The art, however, is a bit of a let down but could have been worse. Some characters such as Black Manta and Damian are written well, but Raven and Beast Boy continue to be unnecessary background characters.

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Wonder Woman (2016) #13

Dec 30, 2016

Overall WONDER WOMAN #13 perfectly balances action and development in a way that concludes "The Lies" on an intriguing note. It leaves us wondering who Veronica Cale is and why does she want to find Themyscira? With Etta Candy missing and Diana's sanity hanging by a thread, there's plenty to keep us interested in what's to come.

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Wonder Woman (2016) #14

Jan 17, 2017

Greg Rucka dishes out another flawless issue for a perfect series. WONDER WOMAN #14 not only delivers but goes beyond the quality we've come to expect from this title. Still artistically beautiful and dynamic in script, "Year One" comes to a close that is sure to be a staple in Wonder Woman must reads.

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