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Black Badge #1

Aug 11, 2018

An engaging stand-alone story for anyone interesting in trying out this new series, the series concept promises to ask a lot of interesting questions while presenting us with an emotionally complex cast.

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DC/Hanna-Barbera: Deathstroke/Yogi Bear #1

Oct 31, 2018

A comic that does just enough to not be bad but has nothing to elevate it beyond mediocrity. These specials struggle to justify their five dollar price tag at the best of times and with 8 pages wasted to a terrible, borderline insulting decision by its publisher, you're probably better off spending that money elsewhere.

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DC/Hanna-Barbera: Nightwing/Magilla Gorilla #1

Oct 31, 2018

On the whole, a solid crime story that would have probably been better served as Nightwing annual as the inclusion of Magilla Gorilla adds nothing to the overall story. The overall score is brought down by the inclusion of the backup but I look forward to whatever Heath Corson works on next.

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DC/Looney Tunes: Catwoman/Tweety and Sylvester #1

Aug 29, 2018

Entertaining, ridiculous and fun. Everything I want from these crossover books. If your normally one to shy away from these books give this one a shot, you might actually enjoy yourself.

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Sentry (2018) #3

Aug 27, 2018

A disappointment, killing the momentum of the story to dedicated this chapter backstory and motivation that was already well inferred from the excellent first two issues was unnecessary. If you need to save a couple dollars this week to pick up another book you can safely skip this one and come straight back in with issue four.

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