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Runaways (2017) #17

Feb 8, 2019

(Author's note: Apologies for the late review. I'm in the middle of switching jobs, and the process has been long and arduous. But I hope to be more up to speed and quicker with reviews in the future.)

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Runaways (2017) #18

Mar 13, 2019

This is a smart, concise wrap up to this particular arc. Rainbow Rowell may not be without her faults, but the woman sure as heck knows how to write, and the comic continues to be something to look forward to, each and every single month of its current run.

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Runaways (2017) #20

May 9, 2019

And while we're on that Iniesta tip, if Andrs is like his namesake, then Rowell is his very own Xavi, as the two of them flow seamlessly together to link up creatively and to work together to make one enjoyable read, that you'll look forward to on a monthly basis.

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