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House Of M: The Day After #1

Nov 17, 2005

While not a bad story, I got the feeling I was at a wedding showcase. They trucked out little samples of a lot of bands and you have to decide what to pick. But none of the bands put on a complete and satisfying show.

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Marvel Knights: 4 #24

Nov 21, 2005

Final Note: Why did I give it one bullet if I hated it so much? Well, if Marvel doesnt shape up on this book and I am forced to read a self-serving piece of fluff under a Marvel Knights banner, I want to keep a bullet in reserve to put myself out of the misery.

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Marvel Team-Up (2004) #14

Nov 18, 2005

Hey, if youve heard about Invincible on message boards (like ours! Visit them. Were nice there! Just be good boys and girls there) or in reviews, but havent been moved to buy an issue, I recommend this. Its a good story and a classic example of Marvel Team-Up that will whet your appetite.

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New Thunderbolts #15

Nov 14, 2005

Not a bad effort and not a bad lead-in to the second part. But, this book needs to deliver more in terms of story and impact if its going to make up for a lack of big-name, A-list characters (and NO, that does not mean I want Wolverine on the team, Marvel!).

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Wizard Twisted Toyfare Theater Volume 6 #1

Dec 9, 2005

Buy this, read this, live this. You deserve a good laugh. And the seriousness that comic companies and their fans treat their heroes with have never deserved and gotten a sharp poke with a stick better.

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Young Avengers #8

Nov 11, 2005

Young Avengers is probably in my opinion, the best Avengers book out there currently. If you like the Avengers, if you like young heroes with real personalities, BUY THIS BOOK! OrCaptain America will come to your house and rat you out to your parents.

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