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Aquaman (2011) #0

Sep 28, 2012

Aquaman has continued to impress me in how Ivan and Rod Reis are able compliment the artwork and colors. I especially look forward to Aquaman for the vivid underwater scenes, that these artists provide us. Particularly the shark scene in this issue that demonstrates Arthur's vulnerability. Overall it was a great issue, it just might be a while before we are given the complete story.

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Talon #0

Sep 29, 2012

Although I would have preferred if Greg Capullo continued depicting the Court of Owls, I found Guillem March's gritty artwork quite appropriate. It perfectly captures a man living on the edge purely because of circumstance. Guillem gives us a man, who still feels like a tormented boy locked in a kennel. Just as Bruce Wayne never drifts too far from the boy who witnessed his parents being shot neither should Calvin Rose.

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