What If?: What If Dr. Doom Had Become The Thing? #1

Writer: Karl Kesel Artist: Paul Smith Publisher: Marvel Comics Release Date: December 29, 2004 Critic Reviews: 2 User Reviews: 2
7.0Critic Rating
5.5User Rating

How could the Fantastic Four's strongest member also be their deadliest enemy? A seemingly minor decision made long before the FF even existed could have changed everything for the World's Greatest Super-Team, Victor Von Doom...and even the Incredible Hulk! And that's just for starters...

  • 8.0
    Comics Bulletin - Michael Deeley Jan 4, 2005

    Overall, this is a great comic and a real treat for FF fans. Read Full Review

  • 6.0
    Comics Bulletin - Jason Cornwell Jan 12, 2005

    Paul Smith is a name I wish graced more projects as his work on "Uncanny X-Men" rates right up there with John Byrne's work on that title, and the only reason why Paul Smith hasn't gained the fan base he deserves is that he dropped completely off the map for a couple decades, and his recent output has been seemingly limited to his work on James Robinson's "Leave to Chance" miniseries. Still, he is providing the art on this one-shot, and he turns in some lovely work, as while his work is clearly tailored to match the appearance of the early Fantastic Four adventures, he manages to put his own spin on the material, as how can one not smile at the looks on Ben and Reed's faces after Victor has kicked them out of his room. The transformation sequence is also nicely handled with Victor's transformation into the Thing being the highlight. Now his version of the Hulk did look to have a head that was out of proportion with the rest of his body, but I suspect this was an intentional visual homa Read Full Review

  • 7.0
    Green Goblin Oct 5, 2021

    Interesting concept. One decision changed lifes of many characters... Well... For Ben and Doom actually almost nothing changes at the end. But for Bruce... I think, that the last twist was made only for classic The Hulk vs The Thing fight. And of course to save the Fantastic FOUR one big guy in their team.

    Could be done better, but at least I enjoyed this comic, so that's enough for me.

  • 4.0
    Lonewolf97 Sep 26, 2019

    This issue of What If? featuring the Fantastic Four and Doctor Doom does nothing impressive as it simply retells the origin of the F4 with a twist that doesn't work in its favour.

    It's a well known fact that Ben Grimm became The Thing after getting exposed to cosmic rays while piloting a rocket ship carrying himself and his friends Reed Richards, Sue Storm and Sue's brother, Johnny. After being exposed and crash landing back to Earth, the four realised they had super powers and became the Fantastic Four. However, what would've happened if Victor Von Doom had traveled with them instead of Ben on that fateful day?

    That's the question this issue poses as it tells us this story, beginning with Ben and Reed's college days w more

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