The Goon Vol. 11: The Deformed of Body and Devious of Mind

Writer: Evan Dorkin, Eric Powell Artist: Eric Powell Publisher: Dark Horse Comics Trade Paperback: June 22, 2012, $16.99 Issues: 4, Issue Reviews: 11
9.0Critic Rating
5.0User Rating

Sparkly, skinny-jean wearin' vampires, wiener-eatin' hoboes, multinational midgets, and 2010 Queen of Burlesque star, Roxi DLite, are just a few of the obstacles Goon and Franky are up against in this new collection from Dark Horse Comics! Plus, guest writer Evan Dorkin (Milk and Cheese, Beasts of Burden) pits Goon against the horrendous, bacon-eating behemoth, the Ten-in-One! Collects The Goon issues #34-#37, The Goon in "An Irish Wake" from USA Today, and The Goon's on Vacation from Billy the Kid's Old Timey Oddities and the Ghastly Fiend of London.

Rating Collected Issues Reviews
The Goon #34 3
The Goon #35 5
The Goon #36 1
The Goon #37 2

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