Fantastic Four Vol. 3: Herald Of Doom

Writer: Dan Slott Artist: Aaron Kuder, more Publisher: Marvel Comics Trade Paperback: September 18, 2019, $17.99 Issues: 8, Issue Reviews: 287
8.0Critic Rating
7.5User Rating

The Fantastic Four faces the Herald of Doom! Galactus has returned to devour Earth, and only one man can save us. No, not Reed Richards - Doctor Doom! But where are the FF in this conflict? Locked in battle against the brave new hero of the Latverian people, Victorious! Thanks to the benevolence and ingenuity of their beloved leader, Victor Von Doom, Latverians will soon know a new age of peace and prosperity, and Latveria will take its rightful place on the world stage - as long as four nefarious foreign invaders are punished for their crimes! Death to the Fantastic Four! But one cruel act will forever change the relationship between the FF more

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