Incredible Hulk Vol. 3: World War Hulks

Writer: Bill Mantlo, Greg Pak Artist: Mike Mignola, Paul Pelletier Publisher: Marvel Comics Trade Paperback: April 28, 2016 Issues: 3, Issue Reviews: 21
7.6Critic Rating
7.5User Rating

Collects Incredible Hulk #609-611 and Incredible Hulk #312.

Bruce Banner has only ever wanted one thing: to be at peace with the love of his life, Betty Ross. The legacy of the Incredible Hulk has long made this an impossible dream. But now, with the Intelligencia seemingly having restored Betty to life, Banner's pursuit of her has never been more relentless -- or inconvenient. For after the Fall of the Hulks, with the master plan of the cunning Intelligencia hitting its every mark toward world domination and an army of Hulked-Out Heroes trashing the nation's capital, the last thing his fellow fighters need to wonder about is B more

Rating Collected Issues Reviews
Incredible Hulk #609 2
Incredible Hulk #610 6
Incredible Hulk #611 7

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