Thanos: Zero Sanctuary
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Thanos: Zero Sanctuary

Writer: Tini Howard Artist: Ariel Olivetti Publisher: Marvel Comics Trade Paperback: November 27, 2019, $19.99 Issues: 6, Issue Reviews: 91
7.1Critic Rating
6.0User Rating

Thanos is dead! The Mad Titan has been executed by the deadliest assassin in the galaxy: his adopted daughter, Gamora! But long before their twisted familial relationship came to a bloody end, how did it begin? Travel back to Gamora's childhood and the day her life changed forever. What kind of a father figure was the brutal and merciless Thanos of Titan? And did he mold her into what she became, or was Gamora born to be one of the most ferocious warriors in the cosmos? As Thanos' unholy Black Order forms, Gamora's training begins in the face of an oncoming war! But as the threat of mutiny grows, Thanos will do anything to keep his power - no more

Rating Collected Issues Reviews
Thanos #1 14
Thanos #2 4
Thanos #3 4
Thanos #4 3
Thanos #5 3
Thanos #6 5

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