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Detective Comics #855

Aug 2, 2009

The story started off strongly last issue, and itdeals with sexual slavery--which attempts to provide commentary on the evil practice (and may end meaningfully), but here in this installment it's just flashy behavior and no substance. Does this second feature justify the higher cost of the issue? Eh . . . maybe not, but I sure prefer this higher cost to Marvel's approach.

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Ignition City #1

Apr 12, 2009

Ignition City could be a great miniseries, but so much will depend on the next four issues--especially since there wasnt much plot development in this first chapter. For now Ellis has my interest, and I will certainly get the next issue. However, unless things pick up, Im not certain that the beautifully dark setting will be enough to sustain my interest in this series.

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New Avengers #51

Mar 29, 2009

Is New Avengers #51 worth the $3.99 price tag? Yeah, if youre a diehard Avengers fan, otherwise dont bother. Also, if you want to know about the next Sorcerer Supreme, you can probably wait until next issue.

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Oracle: The Cure #2

Apr 19, 2009

In all fairness, this second issue does have good moments--such as when Barbara successfully defends herself against some thugs--but they arent enough. Ultimately, this series has only three issues to tell a good story, and the second issue doesnt do much to achieve that goal. It might just be that Oracle: The Cure is another example of DC cashing in on an event.

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Red Robin #1

Jun 14, 2009

My complaints aside, I will be back next month. Largely, because there is plenty here that could be exploited for good stories down the line, and I like to be optimistic. Thus, while this beginning is not great due to small-but-glaring errors and a somewhat uninspired choice for a villain, there is still plenty of promise and opportunity here.

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