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Abyss: Family Issues #3

May 18, 2011

Story wise the series (issues 1-3 or 4) develops slowly like a nicely paced Seinfeld episode or a poorly paced Buffy if you know what I mean. A Rorschach/Deep Throat mash up arrives to drive the story by revealing that Eric's mom is in fact a well known superheroine and while I had some difficulty following this shadowy figure's motivation, the big reveal at the end of issue #3 makes it obvious that this will be explained in the next issue. An issue I'll be waiting for with bated breath. But you'll have to excuse me as I'm off to track down previous issues of Abyss and I'd definitely recommend you do as well!

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We Kill Monsters #1

Jan 18, 2011

We kill Monsters was a fun little (184 pages) romp though the horror genre, where monsters are monsters and bad guys are over the top villains. It doesn't take itself too seriously or encourage the reader to do so. It's a frank, charming, and unpretentiously fun.

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