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Green Arrow (2001) #67

Oct 13, 2006

Even though the story's "rebuilding/reinvention" isnt all that original, the actual playing out of it is interesting enough, all because of the perfectly matched creative team behind it.

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Nightwing (1996) #125

Oct 9, 2006

A good opener. A fresh Nightwing, new baddie, new faces and a mystery. What else could one ask for? The cherry on the proverbial cake? No more Doofus-wing and his blindly jumping into a fight only to come out looking like an incompetent twit.

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Ramayan 3392 AD #1

Oct 10, 2006

One does not need to know the original story to understand or enjoy this one, and even though it is interesting comparing the two, even a newbie can get onto the Ramayan Vayuyan (Aircraft). The art, though a bit rough, is suited to the mood of the series. With some judiciously placed funny moments, at least as far as this reader is concerned, this one easily rises to the top of the Virgin Comics publications.

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Sadhu #3

Oct 17, 2006

Although not my favorite, the art here still manages to hold its own and more so hold my interest to the story. As for the story, I hope that there is a set number of issues planned for the entire story (i.e. like Y: The Last Man), as I'm against dragging it the story, just for numbers sake.

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The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive (2006) #5

Oct 20, 2006

As it stands now, one more issue and I am done with this series, and that too I will be getting to only complete the arc and not because I have any interest in what is going to happen to Val or the Griffin, and at this point, to even Jay and oh, let's not forget, Bart. On second thought, let's.

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Ultimate X-Men #75

Oct 16, 2006

One was for a "newbie," two for "getting the hang" of it, but now, even after three full arcs, ten issues in total (plus the annual) I cannot for the life of me find one reason to explain the sheer mediocrity of writing here. I like Kirkmans work (Invincible), I even greatly enjoy it (Battle Pope), but when it comes to the Ultimate X-Men, I am now near to praying for the day for when he finally departs from this series.

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