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Wolverine: Snikt! #1

Jun 25, 2003

Wolverine Snikt is great because this story line is not the typical mutant story. It kind of brings back that old X-Men nostalgia Chris Claremont, Dave Cockrum and John Byrne gave us when they took the X-Men into space and beyond by meeting the outer-space x-cast of the aliens known as The Shiar, Star-Jammers, and The Brood. Logan once again is the solo hero without the x-men. Leaving that old saying, In space no one can hear you scream. Yet, Questions are left: Why is Wolverine on some weird jungle-tech planet and not in the jungles of the savage Land battling evil mutants or Anti Mutant terrorists like The Church Of Humanity!? Nope, not this book, you dont get The usual cadre of Wolvies enemies like Sabre-tooth, The Silver Samurai, The Hand, Magneto, Cyber, etc. With that, its what makes this story so intriguing for new readers and old readers of Wolverine. Yes readers, this is a very refreshing storyline. You get Wolverine out of his usual hostile elements and away fro

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Wolverine: Snikt! #2

Jun 27, 2003

If you have not bought this book you seriously need to! The issues have been very good illustration-wise and there is a definite solid story going on here. Wolverine readers need to take a look at this book. The covers are so dynamic too!!! Overall this book, in my opinion, is much better than the new Wolverine series being released because this is a refreshing new story arc. It does not offer the usual lets make mutants into real people. This book is more like a futuristic direction, how a lone mutant reacts to space and a completely different type of enemy. If youve read Wolverine: X-Isle another perfect example of not the usual storyline which is finally what marvel needed to do desperately with its mutant characters. All in all I gave this book a 3 bullets rating on issue one and two and gave a extra bullet due to added dialogue that was needed to carry the book farther into the story which issue two very good overall! Definitely worth the 2.99 cost!!!

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