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Mar 3, 2021

Overall, I enjoyed getting to review BRZRKR #1. It is a fun first issue that any fan of over-the-top action comics will thoroughly enjoy. It is not going to deliver a highbrow look at what it means to be mortal in the way that Watchmen does, but at the same time it is not trying to. It is trying to be an in-your-face action comic full of fun and it totally delivers on this front.

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Apr 28, 2021

Overall, I was disappointed by BRZRKR #2. After the first issue released, several people online voiced concern that things could go downhill for this series after the novelty of the Keanu meme wore off and sadly it seems like those concerns were valid.  However, I really hope that the next few issues can turn things around and get this story back on track as I really enjoyed the first issue and would like to see this book do well.

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Jun 15, 2021

Cool page layout, just a shame that cavemen conquering murder sprees weren't what we signed up for.Overall, this may not be the worst issue in the series so far, but as it follows the first two, it will likely leave you frustrated and fatigued by the end of it. This series really has to pick up with its next entry, otherwise I feel that a good amount of people who were initially on-board with it could give up on the series, myself included.

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Cyberpunk 2077: You Have My Word #1

Apr 29, 2021

Overall, the first issue of Cyberpunk 2077: You Have My Word achieved its intention of recapturing the feel of the game and managed to set up an intriguing story whilst doing so. It also established the foundation of some potentially stimulating characters and therefore I think that this issue is well worth a read. I am also curious to see where the story goes and will be picking up the next three issues when they drop.

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Far Cry: Rite of Passage #1

May 31, 2021

Overall, I really enjoyed this first issue and how well it tackled the themes of legacy, pride and chaos. It not only got me even more hyped to eventually play Far Cry 6, but also made me feel more clued up as to who these new characters are and helped me to start to understand their mind-sets and perspective. Every villain is the hero of their own story after all.

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God of War (2018): Fallen God #1

Mar 12, 2021

Overall, I am pretty disappointed after reading the first issue of God of War: Fallen God for review. Not enough engaging elements are present to really hook the reader. It takes a lot to make a character like Kratos boring, yet somehow Chris Roberson has managed it here. This is one to skip whether you are a God of War aficionado or not, hopefully the series will pick up a bit as it progresses.

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King In Black: Captain America #1

Mar 4, 2021

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed taking a look at Captain America: King in Black for review. The battles that ensued in the issue, both physically and internally were fascinating to see unfold and the artwork complimented Danny Lore's well told story exquisitely. This is a series that I will definitely be keeping up-to-date on going forward.

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Nuclear Family #1

Feb 26, 2021

Overall, I really enjoyed getting to review Nuclear Family and is a series that I will definitely be following in the future. Stephanie Philip's writing and Tony Shasteen's artwork really drew me into the world of the story and has left me wanting more. I think that this will certainly be a series worth keeping an eye on in the coming months.

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The Joker (2021) #1

Mar 23, 2021

Overall, I enjoyed getting to read Joker #1 for review for the most part. The actual Joker story in the issue was intriguing and well-written and I am looking forward to seeing where certain aspects of the plot will go in future issues. The artwork in this portion of the issue was also stellar. However, the Punchline segment somewhat lets the issue down and is uninteresting and somewhat of a slog to read through.

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