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Bombshells: United #1

Sep 17, 2017

The previous Bombshells series was one of my favorite comics and Im looking forward to reading this one as well. This book is attempting to address incredibly important topics, and that always comes with the nervousness of whether the story can live up to its promises. Superheroes exist to do the right thing and help others, and that should include looking at the bad things done in our own society, not just other societies. I hope this series will live up to the high expectations that come with the topic.

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Kim & Kim: Love is a Battlefield #2

Aug 30, 2017

I'm definitely looking forward to the rest of this series, including learning more about these characters and their multiverse. I would suggest reading the previous four-issue series (which has also been released in trade paperback) first, and then this one. Kim & Kim is a welcome bit of fun in a time when some more joy is needed.

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Ms. Marvel (2015) #27

Feb 18, 2018

The Ms. Marvel series manages to be consistently sincere in its humor and optimism, even while tackling difficult subjects. There are many times when Ive opened an issue of Ms. Marvel with trepidation, due to a subject matter being handled or where story arc seemed to be headed. Although I have my favorite issues and my criticisms, the series has been consistently wonderful. This arc and solicits for the next few issues are making big promises, and I cant wait to read them. As I say at any opportunity: if you like superheroes, read this series.

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The Mighty Thor (2015) #704

Feb 21, 2018

Im still very much looking forward to read the next issues of this series to read the ending of a story that Ive been enthusiastically following for years. Im hoping that maybe the ending of this series will have the time to narrow the focus to the personal for what feels like it needs to be a personal story.

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Wonder Woman (2016) #2

Jul 16, 2016

Dear reader, if you are (like me) a long-time superhero fan and new comics fan who often wonders where in the world (or superhero multiverse) to start reading the stories of classic characters like Wonder Woman: This series seems promising.

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X-Men: Grand Design #1

Dec 25, 2017

Grand Design is what a retelling can look like when done incredibly well, with the history of these famous characters retold in a way that appreciates the originals and acknowledges how the passage of time has made these stories into a mythology that warrants the creation of this type of book in the first place. X-Men: Grand Design is on my pull list, and I recommend that fellow X-Men fans add it to theirs.

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