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Afterlife With Archie #8

May 6, 2015

Finally, I would be remiss not to comment on the art. While I am always a big fan of Francavilla's, this issue — I say with simultaneous hesitation and certainty — was one of his best. His art suits the gothic-style flashback panels to a T, and the way he uses colors in Afterlife continues to take my breath away. It's a perfect marriage of cold shadows and warm highlights, stunning environments, and of course, beautiful, expressive faces. Aguirre-Sacasa and Francavilla as a team create a world you can seamlessly dunk your fingers into and actually feel at the back of your neck; I cannot wait for the next issue, and that's not only because Reggie is my favorite character. (Promise!)

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Ms. Marvel (2014) #13

Mar 11, 2015

Will the more nefarious branches of Kamala's terrigen-enhanced family tree lure her away from her Carol Danvers-inspired heroism? Should we find Kamron's good looks and passion for MMORPGs as suspect as I do right now? This issue will not answer either of those questions, but you should pick it up, share some theories with me, and add Ms. Marvel to your box today.

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Star Trek: Boldly Go #1

Oct 23, 2016

Thankfully long gone are the days of newspapers strips and Gold Key comics featuring the original series Star Trek crew. Most Trek writers in the 60's and 70's wrote the books on guess work without watching a single episode of the series that they were based on. This book stays in cannon with its general look and characters. Star Trek Boldly Go #1 is a decent set up with an interesting cliff hanger that has me looking forward to issue #2.

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Superman: American Alien #5

Mar 17, 2016

Simply put: I love this series. I look forward to it every month and read it at least twice before even thinking about a review. Each issue leaves me with a smile on my face and a reminder of why I like comic books. I like that Landis has set restrictions on his Superman. His Superman isn't a genius, and he even bleeds! Luthor through a two page lecture is able to shake Clark's whole foundation, making him feel like a legitimate threat. This is the Superman I never knew I wanted but really needed. At this point if you're not reading "American Alien," I can't imagine why, but seriously go pick it up!

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