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Bitch Planet: Triple Feature #3

Aug 19, 2017

Given the events of this week, Bitch Planet: Triple Feature #3 can be a heavy read. Themes of state violence, the creation of a marginalized and demonized Other, and gendered institutions of power are hyper-visible in this issue, arguably moreso than in most issues of Bitch Planet. But that hypervisibility is exactly what makes this issue great. This issue is a prime example of good satire, and, I would argue, extremely necessary in these times.

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Generations: Hawkeye & Hawkeye #1

Sep 1, 2017

To be clear, this is still a book worth reading. Even with its flaws, this entry in Marvels Generations line is quite the satisfying book for fans of the two Hawkeyes. The art is great, allowing both Kate and Clint a full range of emotions, and Thompsons writing should not be undersold. This one-shot is real fun for Hawkeye fans. However, this is not the strongest Hawkeye book, and though great fan service, it leaves readers with questions that cannot be answered within the context of a one-shot. Hopefully Hawkeye #13the reunion of the two Hawkeyes, featured in the up next page of this one-shotwill offer all the strengths of this issue, with none of the lingering threads.

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