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Birds of Prey (1998) #67

Jun 2, 2004

worthy of your purchase, then Birds of Prey is what you've been waiting for.

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Identity Crisis #2

Jul 18, 2004

The art is great. Morales and Bair put in a lot of work in the details, like the expressiveness of the hands and eyes. The settings are well-rendered and the art compliments the story well, as it brings the heroes down to earth while still making them larger than life.

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Thor: Son of Asgard #5

Jun 14, 2004

Overall, I am glad that I didn't wait for the trade. It has been a joy to find this book month after month on the racks of my comic book shop, delivering an adventure that has not been told before in Thor's title and showing us a Thor that is more fallible and therefore, we can relate to him better. I look forward to the conclusion next month and the future works of all the great artists involved in this production.

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