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Deathstroke #2

Oct 15, 2011

My only real complaint about this book is the cover. The dimensions on some stuff are all wrong, like Slades hand being almost the same size as a car windshield. Also, the inclusion of the lone named villain on the cover ultimately ends up being completely misleading when you read the book, which is a pet peeve of mine. Overall though this issue moves the story forward while settling a dilemma brought up in the debut and building on another. It's just great storytelling.

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Flash (2011) #2

Oct 31, 2011

Overall, the writing is compelling, but I'd wait for the next arc to pick up The Flash, unless you've got an insatiable love for clones, of course.

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Green Lantern (2011) #2

Oct 18, 2011

I could probably go on and on about what I loved about this comic, but instead I will just say this: The work Geoff Johns has done so far on this and Justice League (the quality was top shelf, but there should've been more to it, but that's beside the point) has made me actually consider thinning through an issue of Aquaman. In theory that should be impossible.

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Green Lantern (2011) #3

Nov 9, 2011

Overall I highly recommend this issue because of the story and writing.

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Justice League Dark #2

Oct 27, 2011

And the art? Let me say this, even though I'm not likely the first to do so. Mikel Janin is a superstar in the making. He absolutely nails each panel home. The story is set in so many locations and has characters all over the emotional spectrum and he captures all of that. Even the subtle differences between types of anger are visible. The detail work is damn near miraculous throughout the entire issue with one tiny little exception that I only noticed because each panel had me wrapped around its finger. I'd be remiss if I didn't also mention Arreola's gorgeous work on the colors in this issue as well.

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Nightwing (2011) #2

Oct 23, 2011

If I take anything away from this book its "Fa-Koomblllee", which is a sound effect used within the contents. It made me chuckle. I highly recommend you check this out if only for that...and the last two pages, which are magnificent.

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Stormwatch (2011) #3

Nov 6, 2011

Artist Miguel Sepulveda also hits a home run with the depictions, except for Midnighter's chin spike, of course. The page of Apollo gearing himself up for something huge in space in particular had a wonderful feel to it, especially the shading used to broadcast his uncertainty in the bottom panel. If you haven't already been reading this then you should be, and if you have, read it again.

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