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Freaks of the Heartland #1

Feb 18, 2004

Just know that this book is about Freaks and the Heartland. Simple things to understand, yeah, but their simplicity belies them. These two things are so perfectly woven together by Niles and Ruth that each delicacy within the respective elements is greatly cared for. Ok, Ok, enough with the fanboy-isms. Soon Ill be recalling the great clone saga and go into convulsions. Buy this book. Honest. It throat kicked me into giving it and it should do the same to you. If not, its a damn fine way to spend 2.99.

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Monolith #1

Feb 12, 2004

Why doesnt it get ? Its first issue and no first issue gets five unless it drops me to the floor with a throat kick. Why are your standards so low? The long and short of it, right here: Buy it. Its solid, well worth your money, the art is very good (if I catch you complaining about boring backgrounds, Ill drop you from ten paces) and the wide scale impact of this character could be enormous. Picture Bats or Supes taking this creature on. Fanboys, commence drooling.

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New Mutants (2003) #8

Feb 19, 2004

The book only got 2 Bullets because it was so ding darned late. Id forgotten about much of the content that had come before it. My late night Google-ing brought me to a statement by Defilippis saying something about an internal shake up and how the book was being viewed at Marvel. My guess? The Reloaded phenomenon struck this book and almost scuttled it. Hopefully all is well and this book will come out with frequency once again. PLEASE!

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X-Men Unlimited #1

Feb 12, 2004

Sure, you may get Elly Sues inbred cousin writing and drawing one issue and then Mark Millar and Brian Hitch the next, but youd be foolish to miss an issue. You dont like something about a book one month? Give it to your little cousin. They dont know any better. You didnt, they wont either. But if you get that diamond, that precious story that shoots right to the core of your very being, youll thank me. Probably Marvel first, then me, but Im being modest again. Stop, youll make me blush.

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