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Flash (1987) #212

Jul 25, 2004

On the art is Steven Cummings, and he fills in admirably on the book. Ever since Kolins left at the end of issue 200 it seems like the interiors have been either blah or simply bad. Steven draws our villain as sort of goofy (which, honestly, the Mirror Master is), but at the same time makes his actions very deadly. There is no doubt that this is one villain that you dont want to underestimate.

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H-E-R-O #10

Nov 20, 2003

Should you buy this comic? On the plus side there is not a worry about it being on issue 10 and needing to get all the previous issues. Each story arc is probably 95% self-contained (and normally that 5% is showing you how the next person gets the dial). In fact, it is probably one of the easier books to get into. I, personally, would add one of the Marvel previously pages to catch you up on the Dial itself and you would be set.

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Y: The Last Man #16

Nov 8, 2003

So it is time to catch our breath, but also a time to realize that the world doesnt quite revolve around Yorick (at least not quite yet). That life goes on in some form or fashion for all the survivors.

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