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Border Town #1

Sep 12, 2018

This is a comic that includes a chupacabra disguised as a cop getting taken down by a teenage luchador in a Superman t-shirt alongside an undocumented Afro-Latina immigrant with a gun. All that happens before an ancient Mexican God of Death enters to curse out the chupacabra for its failure. Odds are you already know what side of the line you're on after sentences like that.

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Border Town #2

Oct 3, 2018

Laying low in the curio shop from the previous issue, it looks as if things are going to get even stranger for our fledgling heroes as they venture behind the face of a seemingly innocuous storefront…

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Border Town #4

Dec 3, 2018

As a comic fan on a budget, I empathize with those who are waiting out a proper collection of Border Town. 'Trade-wait' or issue by issue, show up and show out for this book however you're able. It's a testament that even when the series signals what direction it's headed in, that the route its creative staff take to get there is a breath of fresh air. The only reason I find myself giving this installment less than a perfect score is it does its job too well. I've been rereading in the deluded hope that somehow the book will have grown more pages since the last time I flipped through them.

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Rainbow Brite #1

Oct 3, 2018

By the last page, this comic made for an entertaining prologue to a property that I had little knowledge of. I envy the children who have this book put into their hands " especially once the full story is released and collected. Here's hoping many more enjoy this re-introduction to Rainbow Brite, and the talents shaping her world.

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