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Action Comics (2016) #978

Apr 26, 2017

Action Comics #978 visits iconic moments in Superman's history that will makes any fan happy to see, and also gives important revelations about Superman's new life. But in the end, there are still so many questions remaining and few answers given.

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Action Comics (2016) #982

Jun 28, 2017

Action Comics #982 moves the "Revenge" story arc into high-gear with a classic display of Superman's unwavering heroism in the face of impossible odds.

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Generations: Phoenix & Jean Grey #1

Aug 10, 2017

Generations: Phoenix & Jean Grey #1 is a great entry in this series, and while the story feels a tad long, the art will keep you deeply invested in this tale of two Jeans.

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Superman (2016) #26

Jul 5, 2017

While Superman #26 is a filler issue, it tells a necessary father/son story that is sure to strengthen Jonathan and Clark's relationship moving forward.

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